Abclonal Technology

Abclonal Technology

Leader in Biomolecular Solutions

Based in Massachusetts, ABclonal Technology aims to improve the accuracy and precision of life science research for scientists around the world by providing high-quality, personalized biology research, reagents and services. ABclonal Technology has three milestones.

1. They began with a focus of providing customized services for antibody production. Their goal was to improve the quality of life science research by having “the better antibody.”

2. The company also initiated the Human Genome Antibody Project, which aims to document and produce an antibody for every protein coded in the human genome. The company used recombinant protein antigens to generate more than 20,000 rabbit polyclonal antibodies.

3. The company is developing their own NGS technology. Their goal is to produce the most innovative NGS library preparation kits while integrating bioinformatics platforms. It will help biomedical research and the discovery of biomarkers for human genetic and epigenetic diseases.

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