Advanced BioMatrix

Advanced BioMatrix 

Advanced BioMatrix is a leader in the life science of three dimensional (3D) applications for tissue culture, cell assay, and cell proliferation. The company’s products are recognized as the standard for purity, functionality, and consistency.

3D gels allow for the study of the effects of the mechanical properties of the ECM, such as density and rigidity, on cell development, migration, and morphology. Unlike 2D systems, 3D environments allow cell extensions to simultaneously interact with integrins on all cell surfaces, resulting in the activation of specific signaling pathways. Gel stiffness or rigidity also affects cell migration differently in 3D versus 2D environments. Furthermore, integrin-independent mechanical interactions resulting from the entanglement of matrix fibrils with cell extensions are possible in 3D systems, but not in 2D systems where the cells are attached to a flat surface.

The Advanced BioMatrix product portfolio provides an in vivo-like 3D matrix environment for attachment, growth, and assay of a vast number of cell types/lines. Listed below are few product highlights, for full list please visit

Collagen Type I

Advanced BioMatrix manufactures and distributes high quality collagen including PureCol® for cell culture, gels, coatings, and other research uses.

3D Bioprinting 

Advanced BioMatrix’s expertise in hydrogels and biomaterials has allowed this company to create a unique product line of bioinks made from native-like materials such as collagen, hyaluronic acid and gelatin.

Tuneable Stiffness Hydrogels

3D tuneable gels with the unique attributes to be prepared at various concentrations and crosslinked to provide various gel stiffness.

Thermoreversible Hydrogel – Mebiol

Mebiol is a Thermoreversible Hydrogel, which is a copolymer of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) and poly(ethylene glycol) (PNIPAAm-PEG). The defining feature is its temperature reversible sol-gel transition. Chill to turn it into a liquid. Heat to turn it into a solid hydrogel. Chill to turn it into a liquid. again.

ECM Select Array Kits

ECM Select® Array Kit Ultra-36 lets the researcher discover the optimal ECM protein combination for their specific cell culture system. This array kit allows for simultaneous culturing cells on 36 different combinations of ECM proteins.  All ECM proteins are pre-coated on the slide as printed spots (9 replicate spots). The hydrophobic nature of the walls of each ECM protein combination prevent cells from migrating from one to another ECM cell culture condition.


CytoSoft® plates have a thin layer of silicone with a stiffness between 0.2-64 kPa, allowing you to grow your cells on a physiologically relevant matrix. The softness ranges available are: 0.2; 0.5; 2; 8; 16; 32; 64 (kPa)

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    Product Name Product Number Supplier Size
    100 X 20 mm Dishes, PureCol® Collagen Coated 5028-10EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    3D Graphene™, 4.5 x 4.5cm sheet #5238-1EA 5238-1EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    3D Printed Calcium Phosphate Scaffolds, Layers Rotated by 45° 5234-48EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    48-well Plates, PureCol® Collagen Coated 5181-5EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    5-FAM Conjugate Collagen Hybridizing Peptide (Green) 5264-60UG Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    6-well Plates, PureCol® Collagen Coated 5073-5EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    96-well Plates, PureCol® Collagen Coated 5072-5EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    ANGIOstream Angiogenesis Plate 5281-1EA Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS
    Biotin Conjugate Collagen Hybridizing Peptide (Biotin) 5265-60UG Advanced BioMatrix VIEW DETAILS