Integrated Proteomics Solutions

Established in 1993, AnaSpec, Inc. is a leading provider of integrated proteomic and genomic solutions™ for worldwide life science research. AnaSpec offers expertise in peptides, detection reagents, antibodies, assay kits, oligonucleotides, and qPCR kits. Their broad product line of catalog and custom biochemicals and reagents, are used by scientists for basic research, high-throughput screening, and drug discovery. AnaSpec’s premier custom services include peptide synthesis, assay development, antibody production, and oligonucleotide synthesis.


AnaSpec, provides premium custom and catalog. Custom peptide services include: long peptides (>90mer), cyclic peptides, difficult sequences, fluorescent labels, phosphopeptides, and large scale synthesis (>100 g). AnaSpec possesses the world’s largest selection of amyloid-related peptides, kinase/phosphatase substrates, phospho-peptides, FRET peptides, TR-FRET and fluorescent imaging peptides.

Dyes & Quenchers

AnaSpec provides fluorescent dyes and labelling kits for nucleic acids and proteins, among other biological molecules. They also have the option of custom dye synthesis.

Assay Kits & Proteins

AnaSpec offers a variety of SensoLyte® assay kits. They also provide custom assay development services. AnaSpec’s scientists can work with you to develop assays to meet your specific manufacturing and research needs. They also provide enzymes and recombinant proteins, along with chromatography resins.

Amino Acids & Reagents

AnaSpec has both standard and unusual amino acids available, along with amino acid cartridges. They also have synthesis reagents and resins for peptide synthesis.


AnaSpec has Eurogentec qPCR Kits & Reagents available.


AnaSpec has Eurogentec GMP and ASR Oligonucleotides available.

* Prices listed on AnaSpec’s website are in U.S. Currency. For Australian pricing, please call our office, contact us at, or leave us a message for a quote here.

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    Product Name Product Number Supplier Size
    (2R, 3S)/(2S, 3R)-Racemic Fmoc-β-hydroxyphenylalanine AS-53026-F5 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (2S)-N-Fmoc-5-azido-pentanoic acid AS-65518-01 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (2S)-N-Fmoc-5-azido-pentanoic acid AS-65518-1 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (Arg)9 biotin labeled AS-64078 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (Arg)9, FAM-labeled AS-61207 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (Arg)9, TAMRA-labeled AS-61208 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (Leu15)-Gastrin-1, human AS-64149 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS
    (R)-N-Fmoc-2-(7′-octenyl) alanine AS-64175-1000 ANASPEC VIEW DETAILS