Stem Cell Research and Therapeutics Products

Celprogen is a biotechnology company developing stem cell research and therapeutics products for regenerative medicine in cardiology, oncology, diabetes & neurology. All of Celprogen’s biological products, including stem cells, cancer stem cells, iPC’s & media including ECM’s, are manufactured and produced in the United States of America. They provide novel molecular diagnostics and therapeutic product development solutions for Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical, Invitro diagnostics and academic partnership for drug discovery.

Life Science

Celprogen offers many products catered to life science including stem cells and kits, established cell lines, tissue and cell culture products, cDNA, enzymes and markers, iPC’s, and extra cellular matrix.


Celprogen provides various cancer stem cell lines for the study cancer.

Cell-based Assay Kits

Celprogen offers a variety of CBA kits including for adipose stem cells, breast cancer stem cells, human chondrocyte primary cell cultures, human osteoblast primary cell cultures, mesenchymal stem cells, and pancreatic cancer stem cells.


Celprogen has a Micro-Tissue Culture Real time imaging incubator available, and other imaging suppliers like microscope chambers for tissue culture.


Celprogen has some products available for therapeutic development like the COVID-Vaccine 32020, human cardiac progenitor cells, and human immunoglobulins depleted serum.

* Prices listed on Celprogen’s website are in U.S. Currency. For Australian pricing, please call our office or contact us at customerservice@aust-biosearch.com.au

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