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Crystal Chem

High Performance Assays

Established in 1989, Crystal Chem has come to specialize in providing high quality research kits to the scientific community. With over twenty five years of experience, Crystal Chem has proven itself over and over again in the marketplace. The company has successfully launched and marketed against firmly established players and has been cited in many scientific publications and recognized journals. Crystal Chem is able to focus on the customer and offer high quality products at affordable prices. Crystal Chem’s strengths lay at its product quality, service, flexibility, and customer commitment.


Crystal Chem’s food allergen ELISA kits use an innovative extraction solution which allows testing labs and manufacturers to reliably detect allergens in raw & processed foods. One of the main advantages of the kits is its ability to detect allergens in processed foods, which can be subjected to processing treatments such as heating, pressurization, sterilization etc.

Diabetes & Obesity

Crystal Chem is a leading provider of high quality assays for diabetes and obesity research. They first gained recognition through their core line of insulin ELISA kits and leptin ELISA kits.


Crystal Chem’s toxicology kits offer researchers cutting edge, cost effective research assays to evaluate the harmful effects of chemical, biological and physical agents in biological systems.

Cardiovascular Disease

Crystal Chem is a supplier to cardiovascular disease researchers who study intermediate risk factors found in blood to screen and monitor treatments, as well as, develop new therapeutic approaches in humans, rats, and mice.


Crystal Chem provides researchers a range of endocrinology testing kits designed to measure subtle hormone changes in the blood.

Host Cell Proteins

Crystal Chem, in partnership with German manufacturer BioGenes, has recently launched a new line of generic HCP ELISA kits for CHO and E.Coli cells which far outperform competitor kits for detection of host cell proteins.


Crystal Chem provides high-quality research kits to supply the immunology community in many areas of research in human, mouse, and rat models. The kits are highly sensitive, require small sample volumes, have wide dynamic ranges, and have very low CVs.

Oxidative Stress

Crystal Chem has a variety of kits to measure oxidative stress markers that result from the body’s inability to regulate and neutralize chemically reactive oxygen molecules that form in the course of normal biological function or as a result of external stimuli.

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