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Fugent LLC was founded in 1996 to inspire and enable healing discoveries. One of their first innovation FuGENE®6 was one of the first commercially available transfection reagents and is still an industry leader for transfecting DNA into eukaryotic cells. Fugent LLC later discovered the first non-liposomal 100% synthetic DNA transfection reagent, FuGENE®HD. This product is being used today in various biotechnology applications, from the gentle interrogation of cellular action to the production of vaccines and medicines.

FuGENE® has continued to innovate and now offers a full portfolio of best-in-class transfection reagents that span applications across DNA, RNA and CRISPR/Cas9 delivery, into a wide range of biologically relevant cell lines. The company seeks to meet the needs of researchers, scientists, and clinicians in delivering nucleic acids and proteins to cells at market-leading efficiencies while remaining gentle on cells.

DNA Transfection

FuGENE® 4K DNA Transfection

FuGENE® HD DNA Transfection

FuGENE® 6 DNA Transfection

RNA Transfection

FuGENE® SI RNA Transfection

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