Gene-Delivery Made Easier

Incorporated in 2008, GenTarget provides proprietary bio-reagents and services with an emphasis on Lentivirus and Adenovirus gene delivery technologies, providing Pre-made Lentiviruses and Adenovirus for gene over-expression, knockdown, miRNA expression, Pre-made mammalian stable cell lines, and more. With an emphasis on product quality and innovation, they develop and manufacture many proprietary technologies such as the SureTiterTM Lentiviral system; LocLightTMLive cell imaging, LoxP GFP/RFP ColorSwtich for CRE reporting system, and EcoTM instant PCR cloning method, as well as wide selection of Signal Transduction Pathway Report Lentivirus product series.

Luciferase Imaging

GenTarget luciferase expression lentivirus containing a wide selection of fluorescent markers, antibiotic markers, or fluorescent-antibiotic fusion dual markers. The different luciferase is expressed under the different promoter (CMV, EF1a, CAG, mPGK, Ubc, Actin-beta) to best fit different cell types.

Fluorescence Markers

Utilizing their engineered lentivectors and packaging system, GenTarget provides ready-to-use lentiviral particles for all commonly used fluorescent proteins: GFP, RFP, CFP, BFP YFP, niRFP and others. Each fluorescent protein is human codon-optimized to demonstrate the strongest possible fluorescence signal and expressed under different promoters to best suitable for different cell types.

Sub-cellular Imaging

Utilizing their proprietary lentiviral vector systems, GenTarget has generated the LocLightTM Sub-Cellular Labeling Lentivirus product line. These premade lentiviruses contain a well-defined organelle targeting signal fusioned to a fluorescent protein (GFP, RFP, or CFP) and expressed under the proprietary suCMV prompter. The fluorescent proteins are non-toxic to cells, do not compromise cell structure, or interfere with signaling pathways.

Signal Pathway Assay

GenTarget provides many “signal pathway lentivirus” for rapid, sensitive and quantitative monitoring of different transduction pathway activation. The lentivirus expresses a luminescence or fluorescent report (firefly Luciferase, Renilla luciferase, RFP or GFP fluorescent marker, or SEAP (Secreted Embryonic Alkaline Phosphatase)) under a pathway specific promoter, or under a minimal promoter.

CRISPR Gene Editing

GenTarget offers the standalone Cas9 (Streptococcus pyogenes) Expression Lentivirus and Adenovirus products. The ready-to-use Cas9 lentivirus are produced from their proprietary high-titer lentivectors that express a nuclear penetrating humanized wild-type Cas9 endonuclease.


GenTarget provides comprehensive product lines related to all aspects of immunotherapy. This includes the over-express lentivirus products for the immune response targets, the knockdown shRNA​​ lentivirus​​, CRISPR knockout lentivirus​​ sets, target specific CAR, TCR, TAC lentivirus, premade stable cell lines, and also customized lentivirus for your desired CAR, TCR or any other desired​​ gene editing lentivirus.

Cell Immortalization

Lentivirus is the best and most efficiency delivery method for primary cell Immortalization. GenTarget provides the most comprehensive cell immortalized lentivirus products which makes the cell immortalization easier than ever.

Inducible Expression

GenTarget’s target expression lentivirus can be used inducible expression when desired, they can be used for inducible expression in the presence of a repressor protein (tetR). For inducible expression, the target expression is first repressed by the repressor protein (TetR) then induced by addition of tetra acycline.

Reporter Cell Lines

Pre-made stable cell lines, derived from different host cell line, constitutively expresses a luciferase enzyme: firefly luc, or Renilla luc with different fluorescent and antibiotic markers. When included, a fluorescent protein (GFP or RFP) or the CRE recombinase is co-expressed under the same super CMV promoter.

Promoter Research

GenTarget developed a set of reporter lentiviruses to express a luminescence or fluorescent reporter  (firefly Luciferase, Renilla luciferase, RFP or GFP fluorescent marker) under a tissue specific promoter. Those reporters are specifically or preferably expressed in the targeted cell types which provides a great tool to labeling specific cell types, or to investigate the specific promoter strength in different tissue or cell types.

iPS Factors

GenTarget offer iPSC expression lentivirus under either the optional super CMV promoter or EF1α promoters for all six human and mouse stem cell factors. Each factor is fully sequence-verified and matched to the CDs in the NCBI database.

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    A549 / Cas9 (GFP-Puro) Stable Cell Line SC043-Cas9-GP Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    A549 / Cas9 (Puro) Stable Cell Line SC043-Cas9-Puro Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    A549 / Cas9 (RFP-Puro) Stable Cell Line SC043-Cas9-RP Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    A549 / GFP stable cells (Blasticidin) SC043-Bsd Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    A549 / Luciferase (Puromycin) stable cell line SC043-Luc Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    A549 / Luciferase-2A-GFP (Puromycin) stable cell line SC043-LG Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    A549 / TetR (Puro) stable cells SC043-TetR Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    CFPAC-1 / Luciferase (Puro) Stable Cells SC054-L Gentarget VIEW DETAILS
    CHO-GFP stable cells (Blasticidin) SC039-Bsd Gentarget VIEW DETAILS