High-Quality Protein Expression and Custom Antibody Services

As a leading protein and antibody solutions provider, GenWay has a proprietary technology platform and an international network to provide our clients with solutions and applications for proteins, antibodies, assays, and cell lines. They specialize in recombinant proteins and domain-specific IgY (chicken) antibodies and their applications, such as Seppro® products and difficult-to-express proteins. GenWay’s technology and expertise make high-quality protein antigens that enable production of high-quality antibodies and related applications.

Laboratory Products

GenWay has thousands of reagents and kits to support researchers. These include ELISA kits, antibodies, proteins, peptides, PCR kits, expression systems, and more.

Custom Services

GenWay’s custom services include recombinant protein and antigen preparation, antibody development, and ELISA development.

Zika Virus

Genway offers a selection of ELISA kits and proteins for Zika Virus research.

Serum Depletion

The majority of biomarkers reside in the group of low-abundant proteins. However, fourteen major proteins comprise ~96% of the protein mass in plasma. Genway has serum depletion columns to allow you to get to the low-abundant protein level.

Antibody Services

GenWay has the technology, knowledge, and experience in designing and preparing high quality antigens. They have also developed superior methods for antibody titration, isolation, and purification. Custom antibody services include polyclonal, monoclonal, single chain, GMP, and more.

CLIA Laboratory Services

GenWay’s Clinical Laboratory Services offer reliable pre-clinical study and clinical trial testing to support companion diagnostic development, a PMA submission, or a 510(k) submission. GenWay has extensive experience producing antibodies, protein standards, and assays for clinical applications. GenWay can take new biomarkers, develop, optimize and validate a kit in a clinical setting to meet any need.

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