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Founded in 1996, LifeSensors, Inc. helps life scientists innovate in basic research, drug discovery and diagnostics. LifeSensors pioneered the SUMO-fusion system for high quality protein expression. Development of cutting-edge tools for ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) and Protein Targeting Chimers (PROTAC) is advancing the UPS field. Poly-ubiquitin affinity matrices, Tandem Ubiquitin Binding Entities (TUBES) are changing the way scientists make discoveries in UPS and identify novel biomarkers for neurodegeneration and drug discovery. Their R&D team is composed of highly experienced scientists who are leaders in protein expression and purification, protein chemistry, molecular biology, ubiquitin proteasome system enzyme assay development, novel and sensitive diagnostics systems, and drug discovery.

PROTAC® Drug Discovery

To address current challenges with PROTAC, LifeSensors developed high-throughput tools for monitoring both polyubiquitylation and degradation of a target protein. Measuring ubiquitylation of a protein in a plate-based format accelerates PROTAC-based drug discovery. They have developed several platforms that enable rapid, quantitative monitoring of in vitro as well as cellular ubiquitylation.

Mass Spec Ubiquitin Proteomics

LifeSensors’ TUBEs bind to all polyubiquitin chains with 1-10 nM affinity, overcoming major problems common to mass spectrometry proteomics. The combination of the TUBE-based affinity technology and targeted mass spectrometry is the most powerful way to detect the alternations in PMTs and identify signatures for research and biomarkers. LifeSensors’ ubiquitin proteomics technology can detect ultra-low levels of ubiquitylated biomarkers from tissues and cells.

E3 Ligase Screening & Profiling

LifeSensors has developed reagents and assays encompassing both traditional and non-traditional approaches for E3 ligase screening and profiling. LifeSensors brings together the tools and expertise necessary to overcome the many pitfalls in the E3 ligase field. They have developed recombinant enzymes for studying E3 ligases including a variety of E1s, E2s, and E3s.

DUB Screening & Profiling

LifeSensors has developed a variety of DUB assays utilizing physiological substrates, polyubiquitin isopeptide chain selective substrates, and several proteins attached to the C-terminus of ubiquitin that report a fluorogenic signal upon cleavage by DUBs. LifeSensors has expressed, purified, and characterized ~35 DUBs for HTS and compound profiling and has established DUB-centric compound libraries to provide standards for monitoring the inhibition of your compound or characterizing your DUB. LifeSensors has also developed systems for in vivo monitoring of DUB substrates.

Protein Expression & Purification

LifeSensors’ SUMO-tag expression systems maximize the yield of soluble, functional proteins in E. coli, yeast, insect and mammalian cells. In this system, SUMO functions as both a chaperonin and an initiator of protein folding to dramatically improve the solubility and level of expression of proteins of interest.

Biomarker Assay Development

LifeSensors has developed a suite of assays for validating ubiquitin pathway drugs in cultured cells and model organisms. LifeSensors has pioneered biomarker methodology (UbiTest) that will help identify in vivo ligase substrates and biomarkers. They have further adapted TUBE technologies to enable high-throughput assays for cellular substrate ubiquitylation.

Biophysical Assays

LifeSensors offers convenient and customizable integrated services for running biophysical characterization of a protein target and ligands/drug/molecule from the initial screening through hit-to-lead optimization processes; both assays are compatible for high-throughput screening. Other services including E3 ligase, DUB and PROTAC screening can be integrated with these biophysical characterization assays.

TUBEs: Ubiquitin Affinity Matrix

LifeSensors has products including pan-selective TUBEs, SUMO traps, K48-, K63- and linear M1 selective TUBEs available.

Kits and Plates

Various kits and plates are offered by LifeSensors including PROTAC® Assay Plates,  UbiTests: for substrate ubiquitylation, and UbiQuant/S: for high-throughput ubiquitylation.

Protein Expression Systems

LifeSensors offers SUMO, SUMOpro, and SUMOstar, which are able to maximize solubility and yield of your protein in any host.

Ubiquitins and Chains

Ubiquitin fluorescent probes, lysine mutants, polyubiquitin chains, Diubiquitin IQFs, and CHOP ubiquitin reporters are available from LifeSeansors.

Ubiquitin Pathway Enzymes

LifeSensors has E1 and E2 enzymes, E3 ligases, DUBs, Proteasomal tools, and more available.

Antibodies & Inhibitors

LifeSensors has top-rated VU-1 antibodies, ubiquitin antibodies, and ubiquitin pathway inhibitors.

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    1000A- pE-SUMOpro Amp Kit PE-1000-A100 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1000K- pE-SUMOpro Kan Kit PE-1000-K100 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1001A-20ug pE-SUMOpro Amp Vector PE-1001-A020 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1001K-20ug pE-SUMOpro Kan Vector PE-1001-K020 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1010A- pE-SUMOpro3 Amp Kit PE-1010-A100 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1010K- pE-SUMOpro3 Kan Kit PE-1010-K100 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1011-20µg pE-SUMOpro3 Kan Vector PE-1011-0020 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1016-20µg pE-SUMOpro3 Amp Vector PE-1016-0020 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS
    1100A- pE-SUMOstar Amp Expression Kit PE-1100-A100 LifeSensors VIEW DETAILS