Developing Cell Products

ScienCell Research Laboratories is an expanding biotechnology company established in 1999. Their mission is to research and develop cell products for experimental and therapeutic use.

ScienCell provides a variety of high quality normal human and animal cells, cell culture media and reagents, gene analysis tools, cell-derived molecular biology products, cell-based assay kits, and stem cell products for the research community.

To complement their vast array of primary human and animal cells, they offer specialty medium designed to selectively promote unique cell growth, including STEMium™, which allows for the optimal growth of human pluripotent stem cells under feeder-free conditions. The Scientists at ScienCell are studying and developing cell therapeutic strategies to significantly improve the quality of life for patients with degenerative diseases.

Primary Cells
ScienCell is proud to provide researchers with over 260 types of reliable, high quality primary cells from 24 normal human and animal systems including nervous, cardiac, hepatic, renal,gastrointestinal, pulmonary, mesenchymal, adipose, oral, ovarian, prostate, hair, lymphatic, skeletal, mammary, umbilical, urethral, ocular and more, many of which are unique to the industry.

Cell Culture Media
ScienCell’s wide assortment of cell culture media is in liquid form and includes Specialty, Classical & Supplement varieties. Each product is designed for optimal nutrition and growth of primary cells. ScienCell’s media is manufactured and tested to ensure a high standard of quality and consistency.

Stem Cells
Pluripotent stem cells can be derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst (an early-stage embryo), termed embryonic stem (ES) cells, or induced from somatic cells by ectopic expression of a set of transcription factors including Oct3/4, Sox2, c-Myc, Klf4, Nanog, named iPS cells. These cells are able to self-renewal and differentiate into all derivatives of the three primary germ layers: ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. ScienCell provides quality products of culture medium, growth factors, mesenchymal stem cells, characterization tools etc. for your stem cells research.

Genetics & Genomics

ScienCell provides gene expression profiling serivces, GeneQuery, and kits focused on cell types, body system, pseudogenes and primer sets based on gene functions.

Molecular Biology

ScienCell Research Laboratories provides ready-to-use DNAs, RNAs, and protein lysates isolated from our extensive collection of primary cells. The quality and purity of our molecular biology products are rigorously tested by our Quality Control Department to ensure optimal performance. Our molecular biology products are convenient and cost-effective for researchers as it eliminates the need to acquire expensive tissues for isolation of DNA, RNA, or lysates.

Cell Based Assays
ScienCell offers faster and more sensitive cell-based assays designed for increased-throughput in biomedical research, drug screening, and diagnostic fields. Cell-based assays are essential and powerful tools in research and clinical labs. ScienCell Research Laboratories has developed a wide variety of cell-based assay kits to facilitate research in many areas such as metabolism, oxidative stress, and stem cells as well as to provide quantitative results for enzyme activity, metabolite level, and the status of cell growth.

Growth Factors, Cytokines, & Recombinant Proteins
Enhance your research with high-quality growth factors, cytokines, and recombinant proteins from ScienCell Research Laboratories. Growth factors, cytokines, and recombinant proteins work in concert with other signaling molecules to play a central role in cell cycle regulation, cell proliferation, and differentiation. ScienCell’s growth factors, cytokines, and recombinant proteins provide:
– Higher activity: more effective with lower concentrations.
– Exceptional purity: minimal interference from contaminants.

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