Antibodies are used as fundamental detection tools, and can be used in various applications:

  • By application:
    • Flow cytometry
      • Build your cytometry panels with antibodies to identify cells and detect proliferation, homing profiles, activation states, and cytokine release. Antibodies conjugated to many types of fluorophores are available to accommodate flow cytometry needs.
    • WB
      • Antibodies are essential for clean, definitive, and reproducible western blot (WB) results.
    • IHC
      • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) is a method that allows detection of proteins or other antigens in tissue sections by exposure to labelled antibodies that are directed against epitopes in the target protein.
    • IF
      • Antibodies for immunofluorescence (IF) can be used to fluorescently label a specific biological target within a sample.
  • By area of research:
    • Antibody sampler kits
    • Lyophilized antibody cocktails
    • Recombinant Antibodies (Absolute Antibodies)
    • Antibodies for bacterial work (KPL/SeraCare)

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