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NEW: Prevent Monoyte Non-Specific Antibody Binding with True-Stain Monocyte Blocker 

Monocytes and macrophages can exhibit non-specific binding of antibodies and fluorophores used in cell surface staining of live cells.

Cyanine dyes, like the acceptor molecules in APC/Cy7, PE/Cy7, PE/Cy5, and PerCP/Cy5.5, are most commonly recognized to bound non-specifically by monocytes and macrophages. In flow cytometry assays, this can create confounding results that are difficult to interpret. To counter this, BioLegend has formulated a new and effective blocking reagent, True-Stain Monocyte Blocker™. This non-antibody based blocking solution reduces non-specific monocyte binding to fluorophores without affecting desired staining of monocytes. Now you can immuno-label monocytes with confidence, fully trusting your true staining results.

True Stain Monocyte Blocker

NEW: The ChIP assay experts Active Motif presents Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit 

ChIP-Seq is a method that has traditionally relied on using millions of cells per immunoprecipitation reaction to provide information about global changes across large populations of cells. The Low Cell ChIP-Seq Kit not only reduces sample input requirements, but it also resolves issues often associated with low-cell ChIP, including poor signal-to-noise, inefficient library amplification and high duplication rates. 

The assay is robust enough to work with both high abundance histone modifications and low abundance transcription factor proteins. The Next Gen DNA Library and Next Gen DNA Indexing reagents are included to generate high complexity sequencing libraries that are compatible with Illumina® platforms.

Low Cell Number Chip-Seq Kit image 2  

NEW: Simplify your gene expression analysis with GeneQuery™ qPCR arrays

ScienCell, who prides itself on supplying unique primary cell types for nearly 20 years, now supplies qPCR array kits and individual primers to study gene expression profiles. The team at ScienCell is dedicated to designing unique and quality qPCR array kits that are focused on primary cell development and functions, cancer research, hereditary diseases, and biomarker discovery.

Primary cells are increasingly used by researchers as an in vitro model of in vivo biological processes. As the leading primary cell provider, ScienCell now enables researchers to analyze gene expression variations using its customizable array kits and primers. ScienCell’s library contains thousands of validated primers for gene expression analysis and its Ph.D. scientists can verify custom array kits and primers. One can chose a pre-designed array kit from 26 cell types and over 10 cell systems.

GeneQuery 1


Genes are selected based on extensive literature research by Ph.D. scientist team, and all known transcript variants of a target gene are recognized. The Primers are verified with over 10 types of normal human primary cells to assure universal specificity and biological relevance. Performance is guaranteed with high efficiency and reproducibility; free of non-specific amplification. Individual primers are available, and primers for unlisted genes or animal species can be requested.